Model 3563 Dismantling Joint

Model 3563


BODY: Carbon Steel per ASTM A53 or ASTM A283 or Carbon Steel.

SLIP PIPE: Carbon Steel per ASTM A53 or ASTM A285.

BOLTS & NUTS: Low Alloy Steel per ASTM A307 or ASTM A242.

GASKET: SBR per ASTM D2000. Suitable for mild acids, water, and salt media with a temperature range of -25 ̊ F to -200 ̊ F. Optional materials available.

PowerSeal’s Expansion Joints allow for pipeline expansion and contraction for water, oil, and chemical piping systems.
Four basic con
figurations, Single End (SE), Single End with Limit Rods (SELR), Double End (DE), and Double End with Limit Rods (DELR), plus various options including flanged ends, high temperature packing, and special coatings offer the engineer a wide variety of custom designed fabrications to choose from.